The 10 cheapest cars to insure revealed... and why the most affordable is a two-seat convertible with average premiums of just £334

• Mazda's MX-5 convertible is the car with the cheapest insurance premiums
• That's according to Admiral, which reviewed over 200,000 customer policies
• The top 10 and their average insurance prices are for drivers over the age of 25 

When you think of the cheapest cars to insure, you will likely picture a small runabout with an under-powered engine that's about as exciting to drive as filling out a self-assessment tax return.

But the motor with the cheapest average annual insurance premiums has two seats, a convertible roof and a legacy of being one of the best driver's cars on the planet, according to a review of hundreds of thousands of UK policies.

The model in question is the Mazda MX-5 - the best-selling affordable sports car of all time. Insurer, Admiral, says the average premium paid by owners over the age of 25 is a mere £334.

It listed the 10 top cheapest motors to insure on average after analysing more than 200,000 customer policies between January and March 2020.

The MX-5 was the shock vehicle to top the list.

First launched in 1989, the sporty little two seater has been the pick of the affordable convertible car market for three decades.

The drop-top model has generated a cult following, winning fans over with its brilliant driving characteristics through four generations, all of them combining sublime road holding, a raspy engine noise, slick-shifting gearbox and fun rear-wheel drive performance.

The MX-5 Mk1 has now become a modern classic and values are starting to grow at a record pace as collectors snap up the best examples of the original model. 

The latest example, launched in 2015, is just as impressive to drive. And with starting prices from £23,800, it's one of the cheapest new sports cars on the market. 

While this explains why demand is so high and Mazda exceeded one million sales of the sportster in 2016, these traits don't always add up to cheap premiums.

In fact, you would assume it would be the complete opposite, with enthusiastic drivers of exciting machines likely to culminate in pricey policies. 

But Admiral says that the fact the MX-5 is top of its list of cheapest cars to insure is more to do with its owners than the vehicle itself. 

Insurers calculate premium based on their claims data and the risk that someone is going to make a claim. 

With MX-5 owners generally older, having few accidents and likely to keep their soft-top cars secure in a garage, it becomes less surprising that it topped Admiral's charts.

There is also the additional bonus that the Mazda has a bulletproof reliability rating, is easy to repair and there are lots of spares available - all of which also help to keep premiums low.

'The Mazda MX-5 isn’t going to be the cheapest car to insure for everyone, but based on the Admiral data, MX-5 drivers aged over 25 paid the lowest average premium at the beginning of 2020,' a spokesperson told This is Money.

Clare Egan, head of motor product at the insurer, said: 'To help people who may be looking at buying a new car to get around now that lockdown has been eased, we’ve calculated the ten cars which are, on average, the cheapest to insure based on Admiral data from the first quarter of this year.

'The good news is they vary in styles and size so some of the cars may suit a single person or couple, whereas others will be ideal for a family of five who need more space.'

The 10 cheapest cars to insure for motorists over 25

1. Mazda MX-5
Average premium: £334.12

2. Fiat 500C
Average premium: £346.37

3. Volkswagen California
Average premium: £356.85

4. Dacia Logan
Average premium: £357.63

5. Volkswagen Up!
Average premium: £365.14

6. Seat Mii
Average premium: £368.75

7. Seat Arona
Average premium: £383.62

8. Skoda CitiGo
Average premium: £385.65

9. Skoda Yeti
Average premium: £388.67

10. Land Rover Defender 90
Average premium: £389.53

Source: Admiral, following analysis of more than 200,000 customer policies between Jan-Mar 2020 for drivers over 25