FAQs About Car Finance

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most

I have bad credit, can I buy a car from you on finance?

Yes! We are specialist's in Car Finance for Bad Credit. We were one of the first car dealers in the UK to offer Bad Credit Car Finance and have extremely strong relationships direct with lender's who can help in this situation. We have a 90% Pass Rate for those customers who have been refused elsewhere.

It is also important to point out that we have 3 lenders that we deal with for Adverse Credit Situations that the major Car Finance Broker's such as Zuto, CarFinance247 among others DO NOT have access too! If You have been refused by any of those online car finance brokers, get in contact with us! We have an alternative car finance solution!

If we don't have a suitable vehicle currently in stock, don't worry! Let us get a finance acceptance in place for you initially and then we will source a vehicle via our "Car Finder Service"

We have the complete Car Finance and Vehicle Solution at Trade Price Cars. Call us today on 01268 766722.

Can an 18 Year Old be accepted for Car Finance?

Good News, YES we can get an 18-Year-Old accepted for Car Finance! Trade Price Cars are specialist's in obtaining credit for young drivers and welcome being able to supply them with a car.

We know it can be daunting for younger people when searching to buy a car on finance or even if they have the funds already in place. Sometimes dealers don't take younger people seriously and have a pre-conception that they "can't afford" a vehicle.

We know that younger people typically have a higher disposable income and certainly have the affordability. We are a young team ourselves and will do everything to make your first car finance transaction and vehicle purchase a memorable one.

Give our team a call on 01268 766722 and we will get the ball rolling for you!

Do Trade Price Cars Offer Guaranteed Car Finance?

Sadly no Car Finance Dealer, Credit Broker or Finance Company can Guarantee Car Finance for Bad Credit. You may see advertisements on the market, online or in the press for "Guaranteed Car Finance for Bad Credit with No Deposit" or "No Credit Check Car Finance" but when it comes to funding a car, with such a diverse range of personal circumstances both past and present for each individual customer, as well as each lender having their own lending criteria when taking into consideration an application it just becomes unethical.

So we may not be able to offer a Guaranteed Car Loan for you, however, we are the UK's Leading Independent Car Finance Dealer for Bad Credit. We have relationships with over 20 Bad Credit Car Finance Companies who are able to consider a wide range of credit circumstances even when you have been refused elsewhere.

We have a 90% acceptance rate for Bad Credit Car Finance. We are well known throughout the UK for our specialist department in this area of motor finance. We will do everything we can to help assist you in purchasing your new car from us.

If you would like to apply for bad credit car finance please call us on 01268 766722 or complete our online car finance application form.

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